You’re a Recruiter: How Do You Handle Stress on the Job?

Published On July 28, 2018 | By Millicent Epps | Business

There are a few jobs in the world that are not stressful but it’s difficult to come up with a list at this moment. I suppose you could argue for having a job eating ice cream as lacking stress, unless the people paying you insist that you consume two or three gallons each day.

All joking aside, it’s difficult to come up with serious work that doesn’t create some stress on occasion. The key, naturally, is to learn how to manage this problem. Stress is an emotional, mental, and physical issue that every professional should know how to deal with simply because it’s inevitable. For example, if your job is to recruit potential candidates for positions within your organization, you’ll undoubtedly encounter situations that cause you to feel anxious and to function at less than your best because of stress.

Be Prepared

One of the best ways to cope with stress on the job is to expect it, to be prepared for it. For example, if you work for a recruitment agency in Thailand and spend much of your time interviewing prospective candidates, you may find that situations and face-to-face meetings with others who you expect to give you problems will actually be easier to handle than some small occurrences. It helps to know that almost any event or change in the daily routine can be a source for stress.

In addition to being mentally prepared for this, you should also be able to communicate your worries and your concerns with others in the organization. People in difficult situations often find that expressing themselves to others is a productive way to relieve tension and to work through a situation that seems impossible at the time.

When your work requires you to occupy an office that many people visit during the day, it might be necessary to get away from that location for a brief period. Step outside the building, if possible, and do what you can to clear your mind of work-related issues. This will not only help you mentally but you’ll find that you will feel better physically simply because you’ve moved from your primary location. Being a primary contact for a recruitment agency in Thailand brings with it some inherent stress. In other words, there will always be some concern and tension when you’re trying to find the right position for an individual.

Know What Causes Stress

As an individual, you should do your best to identify the situations and events that cause stress for you. From that point, it’s essential to make changes so these settings occur less frequently. But, you must not resort to hiding away from your responsibilities. Start with small steps such as rearranging your office to give yourself a small but important change of perspective.

If you feel overworked as an individual, take the initiative to create a different environment. Perhaps you can focus on putting together your own committee, composed of individuals who will listen sincerely when you talk about a recruit, a position, or any other work-related subject. Having these friendly listeners may be just what you need to get through some of the more stressful moments in your job with the recruiting agency.

You should also do your best to avoid making stress a personal issue. If you find yourself focusing on a member of the management, someone in a position higher than yours, you should take steps to address this relationship immediately. Allowing another individual in any position to cause you stress is not only counter-productive but could also lead to loss of confidence in your abilities. Get the issues out in the open whenever you can.

Be Good to Yourself

Any effort to reduce on-the-job anxiety begins with being good to yourself. You should pay close attention to your diet to make sure that you’re eating properly. If you need help, ask for it. This is one of the most difficult issues for most capable recruiting professionals and for management personnel in general. Learn to delegate and learn when it’s appropriate to say “no.”

Part of being good to yourself includes admitting that no one, not even you, is going to escape stress completely. As mentioned earlier, be prepared for it and take immediate steps to put stress in its place.

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