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Water preservation is important in Australia. It is a valuable resource and shouldn’t be wasted. As an incentive, state governments and councils offer rebates to homeowners who meet water conservation targets.

This is a guide to making a home more water efficient and eligible for a water tank rebate in NSW.

Take Showers Instead Of Baths

Many people like to take a long soak in the bath every day. Whilst this can be relaxing, taking a bath can waste water. A bath uses around 80 litres of water on average. This means that having a bath every day will use up around 560 litres of water a week.

In comparison, showers are more water-efficient than baths. An eight-minute shower in the morning uses around 62 litres of water on average. This means that a daily shower uses around 435 litres of water a week. Why not take a four-minute shower every day to reduce water usage even further? Replace old or faulty showerheads with a new star-rated water-conserving showerhead.

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It is better to save baths for a special occasion rather than having them every day.

Install A Dual Flush Toilet

Inefficient toilets can use up a lot of water unnecessarily. Single-flush toilets use the same amount of water regardless of how much waste needs to be flushed away. Install a dual-flush toilet to increase water efficiency – this gives homeowners a choice of flushes and can reduce how much water a toilet uses.

Buy A Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks come in a variety of sizes and can reduce water wastage. This is because the water collected in these tanks can be used in a variety of different ways. For example, instead of running a hose to clean the pool use rainwater instead. Also, the water from these tanks can be used to flush the toilet. Rainwater can also be used to irrigate the garden when there is a drought or a hosepipe pan.

Using rainwater will help to reduce water consumption and will lower household bills.

However, be advised that rainwater shouldn’t be used as drinking water as it can be contaminated and unsafe.

Water The Garden At The Correct Times

Many people overlook the fact that watering the garden needs to be done at the correct times in order to conserve water. Mornings are the coolest part of the day, so grass and plants will retain the most moisture if it is watered before temperatures start to climb higher. Watering the garden in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest will cause most of the water to evaporate. Don’t water the garden on windy days as this will cause the surface water to blow away.

Turn Off The Tap When Brushing Teeth

Turn off the tap whilst brushing teeth to save water. This is a simple method, so teach any children in the house to do the same.

There are many different ways to conserve water. Following these methods is a good head start.

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