The Path To Success Starts At The Heart: Mark. C. Crowley

Published On September 10, 2016 | By Millicent Epps | Management

            There is a very large difference between treating employees as employees and treating employees as people. One would think that the latter would always be involved in a workplace (all employees are people, after all) but that is rarely the case. To a vast majority of companies across many fields, a workforce is treated simply as that, a collection of individuals who are only valued for the work they perform.

            Somehow, it’s gotten into the heads of business leaders that employees should be treated as such, cogs in a machine that need to be given specific goals and gain value only through performance. Many believe this conception of a workforce to be optimal for success; if employees are given specific guidelines to follow they will always know what to do and will therefore always stay on-task.

            In reality, however, that mode of thought couldn’t be further from the truth.

            When an employee is treated as nothing else other than a means to an end (to create a budget, build a proposal, serve a client, etc.) engagement will suffer. To put it more simply, when people are made to feel like tools, rather than people, the amount of effort they’ll put into a task will be minimal, at best.

            Emotion is what truly drives an individual, and the same goes for any employee at a company. Noted leadership speaker and innovator Mark C. Crowley is all too aware of this fact, believing that the best way to motivate a workforce is to make them feel like people first and employees second.

            Published in Reuters, Huffington Post, Fast Company Magazine, and more, Mark’s strategy on workplace motivation is best explained by the title of his rather successful book on the topic, Lead From The Heart, a textual explanation about how business leaders need to inspire through emotion, not numbers and statistics.

            Noted to be an innovator on the “the future of workplace leadership” by Forbes, Mark is firm in the belief that a successful company is built upon the growth and happiness of its employees. And that all needs to start from the top; for a business to be successful, its leaders must be committed to helping its workers grow to their maximum potential, a feat that is largely done by embracing each employees unique needs and identity.

            Becoming that kind of leader isn’t all that hard, either, at least when you have Mark’s help. As a leadership speaker, Mark aims to help any kind of business reinvigorate its employees through his simple-yet-effective approach. Mark’s presentation, an extrapolation of Lead From The Heart, will inform leaders on the ways to identify the hidden talents of individuals within their company, and how to bring that potential to the forefront.

            To learn more about Mark’s unique approach and to enlist his services as a Leadership Speaker, head to his Sweeney Agency profile and reinvigorate your workplace.

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