How to Purchase the Perfect Tractor Based on your Purpose

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In terms of working the land, more versatile equipment that you can get is a tractor. Such equipment can be made to level fields, clear landslides, cultivate crops, take on simple tasks such as lawn mowing and dig earthworks. Regardless of the job a land owner or farmer has to do, a high-quality tractor will surely make the job easier. Although tractors can be bought from suppliers of farm equipment, there are websites that offer a big variety of tractors and chargeuse à bois at a range of prices.

chargeuse à bois

Style and Size of the Tractor

If you are in the market to get a new tractor, you have to first know the ideal style and size. The style and size must be chosen based on where and how the machine will be used. For instance, tall high-crop tractors are perfect for orchard use and small utility tractors are expected to drag against crops when used to cultivate. Tractors have been made to fit various uses. Here are some of the kinds of tractors commonly used for homestead and farms.

Standard Tractors

  • Standard Tractors-These tractors have fixed front wheels on a wide axle and come with a low gravity center meant for heavier field applications like plowing.
  • High Crop Tractors– These were made to cultivate tall plants such as vegetables or cotton and feature flexible tread width and high clearance to allow the removal of weeds without harming the crops.
  • Garden Tractors– These are the best tractors to use for tasks such as mowing the lawn. Although they are not high powered and often do not accommodate implements, they are accessible, maneuverable and affordable.
  • Utility Tractors– These are smaller tractors that have a small turning radius used for various general farm work. They are often outfitted with attachments like back hoes or front-end loaders.

Utility Tractors

Tractor Power

The size of a tractor does not have to correspond with its power. Small tractors that have very high HP can outperform big ones that have low HP. Tractors with lower horsepower like 35 HP can handle tasks such as mowing lawns; however, cannot do tougher farming tasks such as making hay.  For utility tasks with the use of attachments, noticing the Power Take Off (PTO) horsepower is important. Such number is the power available to the implements or attachments measuring a tractor’s capabilities. This attaches to the engine of the tractor through a rotating shaft connected to the implements at the tractor’s rear.

Tractor Power


This consideration should begin with the tractor’s seat. For riders of various sizes, an adjustable seat is a good feature. An open platform offers users a space to move around. Joysticks and levers must be accessible. Enclosed cabs tend to be famous in tractors since they protect the machine from elements and a lot provide luxurious feature like air conditioning.



Attachments or implements put the power of the tractor to use offering it the ability to finish various tasks of different natures. Horsepower requirements of implements are not the same, thus, a tractor’s required horsepower will depend upon the implements used with it.

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